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The Political In Andy Warhol’s Life and Work


My research looks at the political relevance of selected works by Andy Warhol, an artist usually

accredited within the pop art field. It aims to emphasise a continuing politicality within his all- encompassing body of work. The research draws upon mostly prior sources such as the discussion of some of his chosen politically-relevant work and sections of his interviews that support this relevance. Moreover this research considers art-theory sources in juxtaposition with political theory and social case studies. Most prior research on Andy Warhol focuses on his illustrative demonstration of a political validity of visual power within media persuasion. Furthermore it argues that Warhol stressed a notion of equality with his subject matter of the mundane. These applications exemplify his role as an artist who created work of political cogency.

Download the full dissertation here:

#andywarhol #newyork #art #fineart #criticalart #arttheory #artandpolitics #popart

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