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Vlada Maria Tcharyeva graduated from Goldsmiths University in 2013 with a Master in Art & Politics. Her practice is influenced by her part-time activity as instructor of therapeutic yoga and TRE (trauma and stress release). Evidently, her professional work in the connection of body and trauma is reflected in her preferred subject matter of somatic practices, such as her involvement with f*choir, an intersectional feminist choir that considers the voice as a way of creating resistance and physical protest. Later in 2020, as a result of a residency at Domes FM and Bidston Artistic Research Centre in Liverpool, UK, Tcharyeva started hosting a monthly radio program called “Body Language” as a way to experiment with audio-somatic practices and collaborators across borders and independent of physical space. In the last three years, Tcharyeva has collaborated on and curated internationally-renowned programs such as Borealis festival in Bergen, Norway, conducting a series of somatic workshops with and for f*choir, as well as curating the performance program “Are we bodies?” including Libita Sibutu Clayton, Adam Hines-Green, Phillip Reeves, Dylan Spencer Davidson and Sophie Jung at the Zurich-based Cabaret Voltaire & Dada Museum. Ahead of these activities, Tcharyeva was assistant curator at Vitrine Gallery in Bermondsey, co-curating exhibitions including Athena Papadopoulos, Samara Scott, Leah Capaldi, and more. Currently, Tcharyeva’s art practice draws parallels between the physical and the political with the aim to fight neo-liberalist views and exploitations of the human body and by recognising its potential to express emancipation and opposition of hegemonic norms.

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