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Body Language/ Radio Somatics (ongoing since October 2020)
Vlada Maria hosting Body Language with guest contributor Jenny Moore

Roughly every last Thursday of the month.

In October 2020, I started running a monthly radio show on Domes FM, an artist-run radio station with head quarters at Bidston Artistic Research Centre in Liverpool, UK. I run the show remotely and from my home studio in London. Broadly, I play tunes and speak about topics that are somehow connected to the human body, or tunes that are connected to the theme in question. Due to the artistic and non-hierarchical structure of the radio station, I get to be quite experimental, which means that there could be a theme, but it's not to be expected. Sometimes I invite guests. Sometimes I share actual scientific facts, whereas other times, the facts are semi-fictional and orchestrated as an engaging narrative in a conversation with other artists. So far, I've worked on episodes to do with water, heartbreak, bees, psycho-marxism and the erotic body. Right now I'm focusing on radio somatics, so offering a mini-meditation in between tunes. 

Here is a direct link bringing you to Domes FM, the radio station. 

And head to my radio section to download the episodes.

The Swimming Pool of Discomfort

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